Tough Economy Drives High Demand for Expert Answers – JustAnswer Gift Cards Available

December 18, 2008

Largest Expert Answers Site Allows Givers to Empower Loved Ones with the Gift of Knowledge

San Francisco, CA – December 18, 2008 – Given the tough economy, Expert answers site JustAnswer® has experienced a high demand for Expert answers, resulting in gift cards promoting those with generous hearts to empower their loved ones with the gift of knowledge. In fact, a recent National Retail Federation survey showed almost 55 percent of consumers want a gift card this holiday season. With approximately 20,000 Experts sharing information in more than 70 categories, the JustAnswer platform makes it simple for users to receive help with medical questions, seek car repair advice from auto mechanics, and obtain insight from lawyers. ‘Tis the season for establishments to be closed and friends and families gathered around the fire. If troubles arise while enjoying the winter holiday wonderland, Doctors, Lawyers, Mechanics, and other Experts on JustAnswer will be attentively providing answers to those in need at all hours.

For those looking for last minute gifts, JustAnswer Gift Cards are simple to buy, affordable, and easy to redeem. JustAnswer Gift Cards are the perfect gift for those loved ones who have been hit with the economy’s aftermath. In fact, the company has seen a 93 percent traffic increase to its site in the past 60 days. Most popular question topics include:

• Layoffs/Unemployment

• Pension/Severance

• Bankruptcy

• Foreclosure

• Anxiety/Stress

• Heart pain

JustAnswer Gift Cards are also perfect for:

• Do-It-Yourself car aficionados

• Home improvement project enthusiasts

• Non-tech savvy computer users

• Electronics fans needing help with setting up gadgets

• Pet owners wanting to keep Fluffy and Spike healthy

"Life doesn’t stop during the holidays, as pressing questions needing timely answers from industry practitioners continue to arise," said JustAnswer Founder and CEO Andy Kurtzig. "JustAnswer Gift Cards are literally the most ‘helpful’ present, and our Experts recognize this by constantly providing insight to those needing answers."

To empower loved ones with the gift of knowledge, purchase a JustAnswer Gift Card at: The site operates on a price per question basis, with the average question costing $15. For additional information, visit the JustAnswer web site.

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