Benefits & Perks

Of course JustAnswer offers all the core benefits you'd expect—medical, dental, vision, generous PTO, and employee equity share. But we've also got a few perks that aren't so common...

Nobody works on their birthday

Get out of here and go celebrate. Take in a show, hang out with friends, frolic in the park—whatever you want.

Free JustAnswer membership

Get full access to our entire professional network of doctors, lawyers, mechanics and more. Ask as many questions as you want.

Free beer

We do serious work and then we seriously unwind. The in-house beer taps complement office happy hours quite well.

On-site massage

You read that right. Weekly visits from a massage practitioner will work out the kinks and the knots.

Community volunteer day

Take a day (with pay) to clean up a beach, cook for the less fortunate—whatever calls you in our community.

Tuesday & Thursday catered lunches

Cuban dishes, Cajun cooking, Mediterranean delicacies, Polynesian feasts—you never know what's coming.

Ridiculously well-stocked kitchen

You've never seen so many tasty treats and beverages in your life, including lots of healthy options to choose from.

On-site yoga

A certified yoga instructor leads you through stretches and strength-building poses that are sure to bring you back to your center.

On-site gym

A full complement of free weights and cardio machines will help you work off all those mid-afternoon snacks.

Philanthropic matching

Should you decide to give more than your time to charity, we'll match your donation.

Location, location, location

Our headquarters are located in the beautiful Presidio. Take in an ocean view on your lunch break or schedule a meeting outdoors.