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March 15, 2010

Quick and Affordable Answers to Your Tech Questions

March 15, 2010 – San Francisco, CA – In recent years, the Do-It-Yourself lifestyle has been gaining in popularity as people look for ways to take control of their time and money. One area that most consumers usually give up easily on is technology – whether it’s programming the latest device or transferring music files to a new MP3 player, professional help is usually sought out. With the impending arrival of both the iPad and 3D TV’s, many more consumers will be tempted to pay expensive fees just for a bit of help. But there’s an alternative – for a fraction of the cost of a house call, consumers can fix the problem themselves with the help of an online Expert.

JustAnswer is a website where people go when they want an answer from a Doctor, Lawyer, Mechanic or one of thousands of third-party verified Experts one-on-one. When it comes to needing tech support, JustAnswer empowers consumers by connecting them with more than 500 computer and electronics Experts to answer their questions. Consumers can spend less money and time, and gain a sense of self-satisfaction, by doing it themselves. To get started, here are a few of the most common tech issues Experts on JustAnswer tackle:

Q: I forgot my router password, how can I find it?
A: Use the computer directly plugged into the router, open [your Web browser i.e. Firefox or] Internet Explorer and [enter your router’s administrative website.]  A login screen should appear and AutoFill – just click to enter. If the login fails, leave the username blank and enter admin for the password…. (See full answer here.)

Q: I just got a new Mac, how do I transfer my iTunes library from my old machine to my new one?
A:  1. First you need to consolidate all of your music on your old Mac in order to get all of it into one folder…. 2. Connect both computers through Firewall mode.... (See full answer here.)

Q: I just bought a new plasma TV but I’m disappointed with the picture. How do I fix this?
A: In order to receive a high-def picture, you will also need to buy a new high-def cable or satellite box or ask your cable company to provide one for you. It could also be that you’re not using an HDMI cable, so check for that. (See example answer here.)

Q: I heard you can now stream Netflix movies through your Blu Ray player, how do I do this?
A: Assuming that your Blu Ray player has this feature (most new models do), you still need a broadband connection from your home network to your player. This can easily be done with a hardwire Ethernet cable to your router or most manufacturers will sell a wireless adapter (Dongle) to connect instead. (See example answer here.)

Q: I have an older Blu Ray player and have never had a problem playing discs before, but I just bought a new release and it doesn’t seem to be working? What could be the problem?
A: Most Blu Ray players have the ability to be upgraded with software, which is required for some newly released movies. This can easily be done by going to the manufacturer website to download and install the update. It can be installed with a simple flash drive or by connecting to the home network. This will upgrade the unit and also make it compatible with newer Blu Ray discs. (See example answer here.)

So far, millions have come to JustAnswer to find affordable and fast answers to questions ranging from medical to legal, and typically receive answers within minutes. With 100% verified Experts in more than 100 categories, JustAnswer is an important tool in today’s age of information overload.

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JustAnswer® is a website where people go when they want an answer from a Doctor, Lawyer, Mechanic or one of thousands of third-party verified Experts one-on-one.  Millions with questions come to the site for affordable and fast answers in more than 100 categories, ranging from Medical to Legal. Experts typically provide answers within minutes.  For more information about the company, please visit the top 200-ranked JustAnswer website or view real-time questions online now.